SBA Loan Forgiveness Platform - Release Notes

SNo Date Release notes
1 07/26/2020 1. Updated Correctional Document Upload use case to include optional input parameters & clarify slug id.
2. API Dictionary updated to include Get Forgiveness message using SBA number.
3. Updated documentation to provide clarity on SBA Decision vs. Overall Status. This update made it clear to use sba_decision to understand current state of SBA decision on a forgiveness decision. Status is always the overall status including if payment was made
4. Updated (3) FAQs with information asked and answered for 3 lenders in the industry; sharing to ensure uniform knowledge and industry partnership.
2 07/27/2020 1. Updated FAQs to include clarifications related to Sandbox Certification, Payment fields and Lender decline reason
3 07/28/2020 1. Forgiveness Decision Status Map added
4 07/29/2020 1. Updated FAQ based on discussion with various Vendors/Lenders.
2. Data Dictionary changes -
a) Removed no_employee field from all the request and response
b) Made dba_name as optional
c) Changed the data type of sba_number and ein to String
5 07/30/2020 1. Schedule A lines 11, 12 are optional fields in create forgiveness API
2. Introduced content as mandatory field while replying back to SBA message API
6 08/01/2020 1. Added new API – Validate/Lookup disbursed PPP Loan & corresponding use case 6
2. Java and C# client code updated to fix issues reported
3. Data Dictionary changes -
a) final_forgive_amount_with_interest - new field in API response added
b) Updated possible values of forgive_payroll_schedule
7 08/03/2020 1. Date format in output API’s have been made consistent (YYYY-MM-DD) instead of mm/dd/yyyy in few fields
2. Forgiveness Decision – Status map was updated and now includes a new field - final_forgive_amount_with_interest
3. Design consideration has mapping of Lender decision and Forgiveness Decision
8 08/05/2020 1. Updated Demographics description
2. Updated design consideration to include Lender Decline
9 08/06/2020 1. ACH Layout for Forgiveness Payment added
10 08/07/2020 1. Updated description for fields “no_reduction_employees”, “forgive_schedule_a_line_10_checkbox” and “no_reduction_in_employees_and_covid_impact”.
2. Updated the correct possible values for sba_decision.
11 08/11/2020 1. Maximum document size (including API payload) which can be send to SBA, increased from 25 MB to 35 MB.
2. Updated the API Dictionary description for FTE Reduction quotient to support values upto 9 decimals.
12 08/20/2020 1. Clarified design considerations for Reply to SBA Message API.This API supports multiple documents submission in single API call - GitHub repo updated with latest sample codes.
2. Updated API HTTP Response Codes for Error messages related to covered period.
3. Removed redundant field sender_name from SBA Message response API’s
13 08/21/2020 1. Added FAQ # 40
2. Updated sba_number, ticket field valid values and Design Consideration for Get Forgivness Messages API.
14 08/22/2020 1. Clarified Interest Calculation Method on Payment Page
15 08/28/2020 1. Updated data type of Final forgive Payment, interest and amount fields as numbers (rather than string)
16 08/31/2020 1. Updated description for Reply to SBA Message API for having single content field in request for multiple documents submission.
2. Added FAQ for valid test routing number in Sandbox.
17 09/02/2020 1. Clarified that decision can be withdrawn within 24 hrs of submission in Use Case - 2 .
18 09/04/2020 1. Clarified Interest Calculation details on Payment Page
2. Clarified some Number fields in API Dictionary.
19 09/08/2020 1. Added payment_status field description in API Dictionary.
20 09/09/2020 1. Added example for Interest Calculation and Payment Dashboard to API Mapping in Payment Processing .
21 09/10/2020 1. Updated api/ppp_loan_validations data dictionary to reflect rules around EIDL advance.
2. forgive_eidl_amount description updated in GET /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests/
3. Description of forgive_lender_decision updated in POST /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests/
22 09/11/2020 1. Added missing error messages for amount field validation which were already existing
23 09/10/2020 1. Updated api/ppp_loan_validations data dictionary to reflect rules around EIDL advance.
2. forgive_eidl_amount description updated in GET /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests/
3. Description of forgive_lender_decision updated in POST /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests/
24 09/14/2020 1. Updated Data dictionary for Message API to clarify Generic/Other message handling
2. Added clarification regarding usage of Reply to SBA Message in conjunction with Upload Forgiveness documents, when initial documents were never submitted along with decision
25 09/17/2020 1. Updated FAQ to clarify that documents can be uploaded via Forgiveness Portal even if decision was submitted by API
2. Use case 5 updated to support document upload in stages in case Lender is waiting for additional documents from Borrower
3. Design consideration updated for /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_message_reply
4. Updated Data Dictionary for Reply message API (document, document type and document name are not mandatory)
5. In Design consideration, added comparison between API and Portal for various functionalities
26 09/18/2020 1. Data Dictionary - Clarified that demographic fields are optional in Forgiveness request/decision creation API
2. Ensured API code is in synch with Forgiveness Portal UI for all mandatory fields, while submitting decision
27 09/23/2020 1. Changed data type in sample codes as per API Dictionary (eidl_application_number from Integer to Long), changed sample code for demographics field to reflect Optional fields as per API Dictionary
28 09/24/2020 1. Clarified that funding_date field in Create Forgiveness API Request is PPP Loan Disbursement Date
29 09/27/2020 1. Added additional validation for Forgiveness amount, updated design consideration for message reply via portal and rephrased error message when SBA decision is already submitted
30 09/30/2020 1. Removed duplicate error responses from API HTTP Response Codes
31 10/02/2020 1. Added example where EIDL advance from SBA system of record is greater than SBA determined forgiveness amount in Payment Processing Page
32 10/04/2020 1. Added validation and error messages for Schedule A fields (3508 form) for API End-point - POST /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests/
33 10/06/2020 1. Payment processing - Added formula and examples for Actual/365, if Lender chooses that option for interest calculation
34 10/07/2020 1. Payment processing - Updated Payment field mapping to final_forgive_amount_with_interest (instead of final_forgive_payment)
35 10/08/2020 1. On 10/08/2020 - SBA announced 3508S FORM - Simpler loan forgiveness application which may be used for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans of $50,000 or less. This new form will be supported by Forgiveness Portal and API’s in coming days
35 10/19/2020 1. Changes related to 3508S FORM - Simpler loan forgiveness application which may be used for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans of $50,000 or less - API dictionary for POST /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests, GET /api/ppp_loan_forgiveness_requests updated
2. Added 3508S Form - Fields Mapping to API Elements.
3. Python and Java SDK examples updated with 3508S sample
36 10/22/2020 1. Payment - Added example and formula for 30/360 calculation